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Vantage Credit Union wants to foster a spirit of conversation and interaction between the credit union and our members. It's this exchange of ideas and views that helps us get to know each other better and learn how to better serve our credit union family. We encourage you to be heard!

Had a Blast at Our Young & Free Meet-Up


Last Wednesday was our Show Us Your Stuff Meet-Up for all Young & Free St. Louis spokester hopefuls. 32 of St.

Did You Know?

To a lot of members (who am I kidding, probably to most members), Vantage Credit Union is just the place they go to cash checks, apply for loans, transfer money, etc. What most people probably don’t realize (and what we probably need to do a better job of communicating) is that we do a lot outside just the regular banking stuff.

For example, did you know...

The Fallout of the Credit CARD Act

Recently we posted an article about the Credit CARD Act and its implications to consumers: President Obama Signs Act to Help Consumers With Credit Cards. All in all, it’s a good thing for consumers when you consider that the purpose of the new regulation is meant to offer more protection from things like unintentionally going over your credit limit, rate changes without ample notice, etc.

Flight to Value is No Marketing Hype

I know there will be plenty of you out there who will think I’m writing about this again because I work at a credit union. Well, yes, I do work here. But I do whole-heartedly believe that our driving motivation is to help people’s financial well-being, even when it means the credit union will potentially make little or no income.

Keep On Saving!

Last month I posted a blog about my own experience with rediscovering how important it is to have enough. Well, I’m very encouraged to see members taking us up on the offer to start saving on a regular basis as part of our Have Enough savings campaign.

Two Powerful Words

This week we launched our new savings promotion. The theme of the promotion, Have Enough, just seems to resonate when we think about the repercussions of the economic and political roller coaster our country has been on since last summer––particularly when we look at cutbacks and job losses.

Finally, the country's paying attention

On my last post I talked about how tough it is sometimes to explain how credit unions are different than banks. We can spend thousands of dollars trying to explain the difference in structure (stockholders versus member-ownership) and the benefits that brings. Credit union members understand, because they know the benefits firsthand. But people at large, they don’t know. So they sometimes can’t understand how credit union membership can really make that much of a difference in their financial lives.

As simple as stick figures...

Happy day to all! My name is Kathy and I head up the Marketing Team. We're the ones writing, creating, communicating and promoting for the credit union. One of our biggest challenges (as is really a challenge for the credit union industry in general) is helping people understand the difference between banks and credit unions.

We want your opinion!


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