Want to know your balance (and more!)? Just check your e-mail.

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Every day, we get hundreds of calls from our members requesting information on their account. You know - "What's my balance?", "What transactions cleared?" or "How much was my direct deposit?"

At the same time, other members are calling our Touch Tone Teller service or going online to MyVantage to get this information. In each of these situations, you're contacting us for this information.

What would you think about us sending your account information to you?

That's right.  We can e-mail this information to you on a daily basis!

With our new MyVantage Accounts online banking system, you can create Alerts that will deliver to you information regarding your accounts.  No need to call or login. The information will be waiting for you in your e-mail inbox.

Setting up an Alert is very easy:

  1. First, login to MyVantage Accounts.
  2. From your Home page, click on the Alerts tab.
  3. Next, click Add.
  4. The Add screen will bring up all of the options available for you to choose.
  5. We have 13 different Transaction Types for you to choose from. Just select one.
  6. Then select the Accounts from which you want this information. You can choose more than one account.
  7. Choose your Frequency and Start Date.
  8. Select the e-mail address or addresses where you want the information sent. Yep – that's not a typo. You can add up to 5 e-mail addresses to your account and send your information to all of them!
  9. Click Submit and that's it. The Alert is set up – I told you it was easy!

You can add as many Alerts as you need to help you manage your finances.  Balances, Check Card Transactions, Deposits – they're all available for you to choose.

I personally use this service to get my account balances sent to me on a daily basis to my home and work e-mail. The information is sent around 6:00 a.m. each morning. And, since I can read my e-mail on my cell phone, I don't even need a computer to get this information.

In today's hectic world, I think all of us love things that make our life easier.  Our Alert service means one less phone call or one less login, and that means easier to me.

I hope you'll take me up on our offer to let us come to you with your account information by setting up Alerts on your account today. 

If you have any difficulty setting up this service – or just want a helping hand – please feel free to visit any of our branches, call us, or chat with us.  We would be happy to help you with this or any other service.

Thanks, Jim