Constant Change Required. My Career, Version 12.4.3

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From the very beginning of my career with Vantage (1996), it has been about constant change.

Graduating from the University of Missouri, Saint Louis with a Bachelors of Science, Criminal Justice in January 1996, I quickly began my search for the one company that I could serve, from my first day of employment to my first day of retirement.  My original goals heading into college were to pursue a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for me however, planning for a specific career at such a young age was similar to trying to invest in technology that will last forever.

The bulk of my career had been serving as the manager of the ATM Department, however like many of us here at Vantage, I am no stranger to the teller line, phone center, or lending.  During my nine years as the ATM Department manager, I helped lead one of the most expansive support departments within the Credit Union.  With an ATM portfolio reaching as high as thirty machines, this was only a small portion of the total evolvement.  In 1998 the department only balanced ATM deposits, via a paper trail.  By 2004 the department resemble more of a item processing center, processing ALL check items by way of electronic imaging.  All of this was due to stream-lined best practices and often times implementation 'bleeding edge' technology.

Because of the department's success and proven ability to adapt to change, late in 2007, I was able to begin focusing on other projects that would impact the organization across multiple departments.  Acting as a liaison between the Subject Matter Experts Team and the Senior Team, this opportunity brought new challenges and further expanded my knowledge of the proper techniques to project management.

As of December 2008, I am working along side some of the greatest individuals in the industry. As the Technovation Operations, Director overseeing project management for Vantage, I am faced with new challenges and look forward to future opportunities.

Now that you know a little about me...

This is what MyBlog will focus on.

My true love is digital technology.  In future blogs, plan on reading about my personal experiences with a range of digital media, new tools for the toolbox, and perhaps even MyPick for consumer electronics.  I hope to leave you with a practical experience on what works and even what NOT to purchase.  I have a weakness for the latest and greatest, which could save you money.  I'll share with you why 'I did' and perhaps why 'you shouldn't'.

Stay Tuned.