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Vantage Credit Union wants to foster a spirit of conversation and interaction between the credit union and our members. It's this exchange of ideas and views that helps us get to know each other better and learn how to better serve our credit union family. We encourage you to be heard!

No Crisis of Credit at Vantage

Sub prime mortgages. Credit swap defaults. Collaterized debt obligations. A “crisis of credit.” All of us have heard the financial jargon in the media, and making sense of it all is not easy.

Technovation Nation


Welcome to Technovation Nation!

What is Technovation?  

As simple as stick figures...

Happy day to all! My name is Kathy and I head up the Marketing Team. We're the ones writing, creating, communicating and promoting for the credit union. One of our biggest challenges (as is really a challenge for the credit union industry in general) is helping people understand the difference between banks and credit unions.

Sign here...

Your John Hancock can save you money. No joke. And, wasting money isn't something anyone needs to be doing at times like these.

The Evolution of the Modern Web Browser

Welcome to the all new VCU.COM. My name is Matt and I work in the Technovation department here at Vantage Credit Union. What is Technovation you ask? It's just a name we made up to describe the mission of our department, which is to: Enable, Innovate and Serve. I wanted my first blog post to be both helpful and interesting.

We want your opinion!


This new site was designed with kids just like you in mind. So why not ask you what you'd like to see on your very own Vantage site! For example, what kinds of stories would you like to see? Would you like some games or coloring pages? We'll try our best to also add links to other fun sites and activities. But if there's anything else you'd like to see, let us know!

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