Ready to Ride the Google Wave

I'm going to go out on a limb and say today may be the day that social media was changed forever.

Internet Explorer 8 Issues (IE8)

It has come to our attention there are some incompatibilities with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and the bill payer section of our website.

When Should You Begin Taking Social Security Benefits?

The oldest Baby Boomer on record, Kathleen Casey-Kirschling, turned 62 at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2008, and promptly applied for Social Security. Nearly 80 million people will follow her lead over the next 20 years. But while you can file for Social Security at age 62, does that mean you should?

The timetable for receiving full Social Security benefits has changed to accommodate changing times and funding. When you were born dictates when you’re able to receive full benefits.

Helping the Elderly with Personal Finance

The last time you were at your parents’ home, you discovered unpaid bills. They had forgotten to pay their gas bill for the past two months. You called the gas company and explained the situation, and then wrote out a check for the amount due, so everything turned out all right. But what if you hadn’t noticed the unpaid bills, and it was the middle of winter? Your parents’ heating could have been shut off.

Blogs, Diggs, Tweets, Boos, Yams... HUH?!?!

If you know what all the terms above mean, chances are you’re a bit of a computer geek like me. If you have no idea what any of them mean, don't worry. You’re not alone. All of the terms in the title are related to social media websites or services. What exactly is social media?

Preparing and Coping With Unexpected Medical Costs

Each day, more and more Americans add unaffordable medical debt to their list of financial challenges. For example, in the case of our own financial counseling provider, Accel, in 2008 more than 15,000 of their counseling clients claimed medical issues were at the root of their financial difficulties. And their challenges were significant. More than 30% of the people in this group had past-due medical bills to deal with. It’s a problem for the employed and unemployed alike. While many jobless folks struggle to afford health insurance and even individual doctor visits, those fortunate enough to have insurance are being burdened by additional expenses associated with healthcare coverage cutbacks and rising medical costs.

According to U.S. News and World Report, 41% of working-age Americans—72 million people—reported having trouble paying off medical debts in 2007, though most were insured at the time care was given. Of course, it’s impossible to predict if and when you might have unexpected medical costs, but careful planning and diligent budgeting can help eliminate a lot of the pain that results from medical debt, while helping you ensure medical bills don’t cause additional financial hardships.


Welcome to Vantage Credit Union’s new and improved website! I’m Hubert Hoosman, President and CEO of your credit union.

Our new design and functionality were created with your varied interests and needs in mind, so feel free to explore and check out everything the new site has to offer. We think you’re going to like it!

AD&D Insurance FAQs

Q:  Do I automatically receive the $1,000 no-cost basic insurance?
A:  No. You must complete and return the enrollment form.

Q:  Where can I get an enrollment form?

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Joining Vantage makes you part of our family, and as family, we protect you with $1,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) coverage––at no cost to you!

Who's eligible?

About the Credit Union Insurance Agency (CUIA)

Vantage has been offering members insurance services since 2002. The first insurance offered was a $1,000 no-cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage, currently underwritten by The Hartford (from which members may purchase additional coverage). We have since expanded our services to meet the growing insurance needs of our members.

Through our Credit Union Insurance Agency, LLC,* (CUIA), Vantage members now also benefit from auto and homeowners insurance as well as accident insurance and much more. CUIA has trained insurance agents ready to meet and discuss all your insurance needs. They’ll review your situation and make recommendations that best suit your lifestyle.

CUIA services include insurance for:

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