Uncle Sam Wants YOU … To File Your Taxes

Get your receipts lined up. Rip open the W-2s. Sharpen those pencils and make sure you have plenty of erasers. It’s tax time, the season for crunching numbers and squeezing blood from a turnip. It’s a chore not many of us relish unless we expect a big return (and if you do, for shame, you’re giving the government an interest-free loan, but more about that at another time).

It’s not that we don’t receive breaks from Uncle Sam. Last year, nearly 46 million citizens itemized their taxes via the 1040 form and claimed nearly $1 trillion in deductions. Those using standard deductions claimed half a trillion dollars. Yet when you take us as individuals, who doesn’t want to pay as few taxes as possible, whether it involves getting a bigger return or owing less?

Got Engaged Recently? Mark This on Your To-Do List

If you got engaged on Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Even if you got engage in recent months and are in the process of deciding all the details of your wedding, from flowers to keepsakes and everything in between, make sure you remember to cover one of the most important things before the Big Day––your and your intended’s money compatibility.

Of course, a successful marriage is one that allows enough room to accommodate each other’s individual opinions, tastes and style. Just because you like to blast Pink in the car while your fiancé prefers to relax to Michael Bublé doesn't mean your marriage will be headed for trouble. However, when it comes to how you handle money––both individually and as a couple––compatibility is critical if your marriage is to thrive.

Schedule a Money Date with Your Valentine

Here’s a fun idea for your Valentine’s Day, treat yourselves to a “money date”! Okay, this may not seem quite as exciting as a night on the town, but it does provide a great opportunity to step back and discuss big-picture financial issues you don’t ordinarily give much time and thought to.

Start with the fun things — what are your dreams and goals for the future? Before your date, each of you should make a list of your financial goals, and then compare them over dinner as points of discussion. This is your chance to look beyond your daily financial needs and think big. Would you like to start a business? Go back to school? Own a vacation home? Take time off to be with young children? Travel in retirement?

Budget Diet: The 30-Day Challenge

So you gained a few pounds over the holidays. Who didn't? Now your daily planner has a reminder to eat less so you can lose that excess weight. And if you’re like most Americans, not only did you eat too much, you spent too much as well. It’s time to trim that budget right along with that waistline.

Of course, saving is the key to a healthy budget, and to save more, you must spend less. In other words, you need to put your spending on a diet. Sure, there may be a few hunger pangs, but in the end, your finances will be much healthier.

Is your Credit Card working FOR or AGAINST you?

     Curious how your credit card stacks up to others?  Check out this website: created by Ondine Irving, a long-time credit union advocate.

2010 - The Year Paper Dies?

Could we look back at 2010 and say this was the year  paper officially died?  Let's look at a couple of interesting statistics:

New Channels for VCU

You may have noticed a minor change to our website. On the lefthand side of our main webpage, there are 3 new graphic links. The new links go to external social or new media websites (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Vantage Credit Union has started to provide content through these newer channels and we plan to continue using these more in the future.

Welcome New Spirit Members & Help Information

Welcome to our new members from Spirit of St. Louis Credit Union. Now that the merger is complete, we know there will be questions about some of our services, and some accounts will need some tweaking.

December Enterprise Car Sales Event


Don’t miss the big Enterprise Holiday Wrap Up December Sales Event!

December 1 – December 24, 2009

Unwrap a $300 Visa Gift Card when you purchase an Enterprise vehicle and finance with Vantage!*

Enterprise will also give you Blue Book Trade-In Value on your vehicle PLUS $750!**

The Holiday Gadget Blitz Is On

The Halloween displays can't be tossed aside fast enough as the Christmas and other holiday displays go up. Daylight savings is over and the smell of wood smoke is in the air.  I enjoy this time of year, mainly due to the increased time spent with family and friends. The other reason is the release of new Gadgets and Geek stuff leading up to the holidays.

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