Budget Diet: The 30-Day Challenge

So you gained a few pounds over the holidays. Who didn't? Now your daily planner has a reminder to eat less so you can lose that excess weight. And if you’re like most Americans, not only did you eat too much, you spent too much as well. It’s time to trim that budget right along with that waistline.

Of course, saving is the key to a healthy budget, and to save more, you must spend less. In other words, you need to put your spending on a diet. Sure, there may be a few hunger pangs, but in the end, your finances will be much healthier.

Is your Credit Card working FOR or AGAINST you?

     Curious how your credit card stacks up to others?  Check out this website: created by Ondine Irving, a long-time credit union advocate.

2010 - The Year Paper Dies?

Could we look back at 2010 and say this was the year  paper officially died?  Let's look at a couple of interesting statistics:

New Channels for VCU

You may have noticed a minor change to our website. On the lefthand side of our main webpage, there are 3 new graphic links. The new links go to external social or new media websites (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Vantage Credit Union has started to provide content through these newer channels and we plan to continue using these more in the future.

Welcome New Spirit Members & Help Information

Welcome to our new members from Spirit of St. Louis Credit Union. Now that the merger is complete, we know there will be questions about some of our services, and some accounts will need some tweaking.

December Enterprise Car Sales Event


Don’t miss the big Enterprise Holiday Wrap Up December Sales Event!

December 1 – December 24, 2009

Unwrap a $300 Visa Gift Card when you purchase an Enterprise vehicle and finance with Vantage!*

Enterprise will also give you Blue Book Trade-In Value on your vehicle PLUS $750!**

The Holiday Gadget Blitz Is On

The Halloween displays can't be tossed aside fast enough as the Christmas and other holiday displays go up. Daylight savings is over and the smell of wood smoke is in the air.  I enjoy this time of year, mainly due to the increased time spent with family and friends. The other reason is the release of new Gadgets and Geek stuff leading up to the holidays.

What’s Your Money Personality?

Have you ever wondered why you use money in a particular way? For example, maybe you’re the type of person who overanalyzes every purchase even though you have plenty in savings. Or maybe you can’t seem to say no to your teenager’s request for a new computer when you’re losing sleep over the amount of your credit card debt. Many people find themselves stuck in an illogical pattern with money, but why?

It’s what’s known as your money personality, or a powerful set of ideas formed early in a person’s life that govern spending, giving and investment decisions.

Building Credit When You Have None

Bright red. Awesome stereo. Plenty of room for all your BFFs. That used car on the lot is one hot ride, and the price is right. You’re a young adult with a pretty solid job, and it fits your budget, so finances shouldn’t be a problem. If only someone would extend you credit.

The truth is, you’re young, a relative newbie in the world of finance, and unfortunately it shows. You have no credit history. No matter how responsible you are, if there’s no financial record of it, getting credit could be difficult.

Ready to Ride the Google Wave

I'm going to go out on a limb and say today may be the day that social media was changed forever.

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