Richly Deserved?

So that knock at the door was a neighbor girl selling Girl Scout cookies, not the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol delivering that big check. And the phone call before that was Aunt Edna describing her latest bout with achy joints, not your financial guy with advice on what to do with your Powerball winnings. Nope, you’re still not rich. But why?

Believe it or not, there might be concrete reasons as to why you’re not “rich,” or at the very least, more comfortable in your financial skin. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that might be responsible, courtesy of Yahoo! Finance.

Your Ca$h Rewards Are Waiting!

What? You’re not earning cash rewards through MyE-Rewards? It’s free money with no sign-up or coupons to print. Now’s the time to start taking advantage! In January 2013, the average reward amount per account was $3.25. Top merchants used during January to receive cash back included:

  • Redbox
  • Starbucks
  • FedEx
  • Charter
  • Chevy’s
  • Burger King
  • Auto Zone
  • Church’s Fried Chicken
  • Sports Authority

Movies. Eating. Deliveries. Vehicle maintenance. Chances are pretty good you’ve made use of at least a handful of these services in the last few months. You could be earning cash back just by making the purchases with your Vantage check card.

Let’s do a quick review on what you’re missing.

Have You Considered Consolidating Higher-interest Credit Cards?

When it comes to the average amount of debt in U.S. households, our credit card balances are behind only mortgages ($149,782) and student loans ($34,703). American consumers are in debt to the tune of over $11 TRILLION, with just under half carrying a credit card balance, with an average balance of over $15,000*.

If we take the average credit card balance for U.S. households ($15,000) and attach the average interest rate (around 14%), according to’s Credit Card Calculator, the minimum payment (at 2% of your balance) would be $300.

Start Early. Start Now!

When you start saving early for retirement, it can make a big financial difference. Compare the two IRA examples*:

Emily Jacob
Age 25 Age 35

Contributes: Contributes:
$4,000 per year $4,000 per year
10 years         30 years

Balance at 65:  Balance at 65:
$680,120                  $528,534

Brrrrrrrrring On Some Winter Clothing Savings

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2012-13 will bring colder-than-normal temperatures to our region. Is your family’s wardrobe ready for the chill of Old Man Winter? Winter clothing can get expensive, but we’ve found some tips from on how to save money on winter clothing.

What NOT to Buy in October

Well here it is, October. Already. Fall is officially cooling down a long, hot summer, and the holidays are lining up to take us through the New Year. Some serious shopping will be here soon (if it hasn't already started for some), but don't jump the gun on select items you may have your eyes on. October is just not the month to get the best buys on many items. So in the spirit of saving you some money, let's take a look at stuff you'll want to hold off on buying until prices hit more budget-friendly levels.

MyE-Rewards Payoffs Continue To Add Up!

Are you taking advantage of our MyE-Rewards program? It seems many members are by simply using their Vantage check card and managing their checking accounts online. The rewards just keep adding up, now to the tune of over $10,000!

We created MyE-Rewards to reward members for their loyalty. This unique program is available FREE to all Vantage members who use a Vantage check card and manage their Vantage checking account online.

To date, we’ve handed out some serious rewards!

Life Happens.

So you were hurrying to work, late for a meeting, and you backed out of the driveway a little too quickly...YIPE! YIPE! YIPE! It’s all right, Gizmo is going to be fine...after a hefty vet bill. And you were just getting ahead financially. Sheesh. File it under “Life Happens.”

Kids. Car trouble. Spending spree. Unexpected illness. Yes, life happens, with or without our consent. It’s filled with twists and turns, many times with expenses for which we haven’t planned.

And when life happens, everyone has a story to tell.

Wedded Bliss to Money Missed?

“If anyone feels this man and woman should not be united in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

What if your financial advisor (you did invite him, right?) stood up at your marriage ceremony with an objection? He didn’t think you two were compatible based on your views on money, the top reason for many arguments between married couples. It seems you two didn’t sit down beforehand and have a frank discussion about finances.

Muscling Up On Saving


Did you just say “No” to a deliciously warm apple cider? Really? On these crisp nights when it would taste so good sitting by a fire? Whoa, that’s some ridiculously strong willpower you have going on! We’re betting you’re a good saver of money, too.

Willpower is like a muscle, to keep it strong we need to give it regular workouts. But can willpower become fatigued like a muscle? Some experts say yes. Studies have shown that when it comes to money, those who’ve exerted more willpower at any given time tend to spend more than those who have exerted less. Their willpower was depleted like a muscle that had been fatigued, and it led to weakened willpower regarding spending.

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