Letter From Vantage President & CEO


Dear Members,

Your credit union is a very unique financial organization whose core purpose is to enhance your life and strengthen our community.

This ongoing focus throughout our 57-year history is the primary reason for our success. It is why, going forward, your credit union’s focus on you, our members, will not change. We will continue to serve and advise you through every stage of your life with a wide range of products, services and advice. We will also continue our focus on helping make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Are You the Next Young & Free St. Louis Spokester?


Have you seen Caressa Davis tooling around town in that unmistakable Young & Free St. Louis Cube? On any given day, she’s all over town spreading the word of good, responsible personal finance to her peers. Then she settles down and creates multi-media magic about her experiences to share.

But Caressa’s time is about up as our current Young & Free St. Louis Spokester. That means, you guessed it, we need a replacement! Could you be the next voice for Young & Free St. Louis?

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 25, dynamic, creative, self-motivated, social media savvy and a video natural, we’ve got the job for you! Create videos, write blogs, attend cool events … you’ll do it all as the next Young & Free St. Louis Spokester.

Win a Free Trip to Disney World!


Is there anything more magical than visiting Disney World? It’s a trip that thrills the kids and brings out the kid in all of us. And now you could win a trip for four to Orlando, Florida, to experience all the Disney World fun.

For your chance to win, simply make a $10 donation to the Missouri Credit Union Charitable Foundation (MCUCF). Get your ticket at any Vantage branch. We’ll be accepting cash, or we can debit your account.

One lucky credit union member will win:

Protect Yourself From ID Theft With IdentitySecure!


On average, every 3 seconds someone loses their identity.* At Credit Union Insurance Agency (CUIA), we care about you and want to help protect you against the dangers of this crime. That’s why we’ve partnered with IdentitySecure, provided by Trilegiant, to offer you this comprehensive protection program that helps to prevent, detect, and resolve issues related to identity theft.

With IdentitySecure you’ll receive:

Triple-Bureau Credit Report
Get a full picture of your credit strength from your Credit Report from all three major credit reporting agencies.1

Triple-Bureau Credit Alert
With triple-bureau daily credit monitoring, you’ll be alerted automatically of certain changes to your credit.2 And if there are no changes to your credit, you’ll receive a quarterly notification letting you know that nothing has changed.

Hollywood Holiday


George Bailey. Clark Griswold. Ralphie Parker. Are you familiar with these names? They come into our homes every year right about this time in the form of classic holiday movies. They make us laugh and they make us cry, but they also can teach us some nice financial and life lessons.

It’s a Wonderful Life
The Mother of all holiday classics, this black and white gem is usually around for plenty of encores. We like this movie because it has a greedy banker. He’s after George Bailey, who doesn’t work for a credit union, but he is a lender at a savings and loan, a smaller financial institution that the evil banker is trying to eliminate as competition. Sound familiar? But lets put the credit unions vs. banks thing aside for a minute and focus on the real bottom line of this classic—the biggest gift you can receive or give is often something you can never buy in a store.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Oh yeah, he’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch. And he thinks all those Whos down in Whoville have the holiday spirit simply because of all the jing tinglers and gar ginkers that show up in their rather small stockings each year. But his evil Christmas Eve sleigh ride to Whoville to try to steal Christmas backfires when he realizes:

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!



Avoid Those Holiday Scams


Happy holidays! Well, if you’re careful, that is. While the holiday season is full of people giving, it’s also full of people taking through charitable scams. So if you’re one of the many generous souls out there who gives to charity during the holidays, please be sure your money goes to those who need it most and the charity to which you’re donating is legitimate. Here are some tips for avoiding charitable scams.

Steer clear of those asking for donations over the phone. There are two reasons to consider. First, many of these types of charities use much of the money to pay for overhead, like paying the telemarketers asking for donations. Very little goes to the actual charity, if it’s a charity at all. Which leads us to reason number two. Scammers like to use the phone to solicit donations for organizations that may sound legitimate, but are anything but. A documented case from earlier this past year involved an organization that received $366,000 in donations as The American Breast Cancer Federation and gave just $600 in direct aid to breast cancer patients.

This is definitely not the way to spread your charitable dollars. How will you give via email? By credit card? Supplying bank account info for a donation straight from your account? This is a recipe for identity theft and fraud. You have no way of knowing the exact origins of the email. If it sounds like something you’d really like to support, check out the organization online. If all is legitimate, send a check directly to the organization.

Big Savings on Mortgage Costs!


Save with $1,000 off closing costs or an appraisal cost refund*!

Mortgage rates are low, and discounts are high at Mortgage Solutions, LLC**! Take your pick of savings.

  1. Apply for a 5- or 10-year loan by December 31, 2013, and you’ll receive $1,000 off closing cost

  2.  Apply for a 15-, 20- or 30-year loan by December 31, 2013, and get your appraisal cost refunded at closing.

Mortgage Solutions offers:

Loan—You’ll find a variety of loans with various terms to give you the options you need.

Rates—Rates are near record lows, and extremely competitive rates are available.

Make Your Money Matter!


When you belong to a big bank, chances are good the money you keep with it does not hang around long to help the local community. These banks have stockholders who expect a return on their investments; hence, the money filters out of town to take care of those out-of-town investments and other bank-type business.

According to our friends at PSCU (a leading provider of traditional and online financial services to credit unions) and their Make Your Money Matter campaign, big banks raked in over $45 billion in 2012, and up to 97% of it left the local communities from which it was deposited.

On the other hand, credit unions have provided over $630 million within local communities for infrastructure to support new commercial, residential, industrial and farm-related developments.

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