MyVantage Goes Mobile With a First-of-its-Kind Solution!

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Since the launch of our new MyVantage online account management system in April, many members have asked for a mobile banking solution. We're now very excited to introduce the first-of-its-kind banking solution via Twitter.

Introducing tweetMyMoney, available exclusively to Vantage members!

With tweetMyMoney, you can monitor your account balance, deposits, withdrawals, holds and cleared checks with simple commands. And, you can even transfer funds within your account. It’s all available on Twitter, 24/7! And, the best part is, our tweetMyMoney service is free!

So how is this mobile? If your phone can send and receive text messages and you’re on Twitter, you’re in! tweetMyMoney uses Twitter’s Direct Message feature to return the account information you request.

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New Authentication Codes keep things secure
Of course, your account security continues to be our top priority. So to give you peace of mind when using tweetMyMoney (or when receiving any electronic correspondence from Vantage for that matter), we’ve also incorporated new Correspondence Authentication Codes into our MyVantage account management system.

These codes will appear at the end of every e-mail and text communication returned or originated by Vantage to help you ensure that these messages are indeed from Vantage and not an untrusted source. These are your own personal set of codes, and you may change them any time if you prefer a more recognizable set of codes, or if you feel your codes have been compromised.

And one more thing… Because nobody likes to wait, we’ve also enhanced the performance of our internal server to reduce the time it takes for you to log in.

Just adding to what’s already available using MyVantage!
Our new features only add to all the conveniences you already had at your fingertips when we rolled out MyVantage in April. With MyVantage, you can…

  • Create e-mail alerts that will automatically deliver information to a specified e-mail address regarding your accounts (balances, check card transactions, deposits) on a daily (or weekly/monthly) basis. No need to call or login. The information will be waiting for you in your e-mail inbox.

  • Customize your account view to show balances only, or add your last five ATM transactions, checks cleared, check card transactions … the choice is yours, so personalize it to your liking!

  • Have a question? Talk to a real person at real time via our secure online Live Chat. Just sign in and type your question. You’ll be communicating with a real Vantage employee, not someone in a call center on the other side of the planet.

  • Use secure messaging to send a question regarding your account(s) over a secure network once you’re logged in.

Not a MyVantage user? Enroll right online today at

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new tweetMyMoney mobile banking solution. And, keep your suggestions coming for new features to help make managing your finances easier!