Wheels and Deals; Shop for a Vehicle Online!

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She’s been a good friend, but her mood’s been a little temperamental lately, and she’s let you down on more than one occasion. Not that looks are important, but she’s getting a little long in the tooth as well. Yeah, she’s lost her luster in more ways than one. For better or for worse, there comes a time when you just have to know when to cut the ties. It’s time for a new vehicle.

Before you go out kicking tires and wasting pricey gasoline running from one auto dealer to the next, why not just boot up the ol’ computer and do a little shopping from the comfort of home? Vantage offers our Direct Dealer network, a collection of nearly 250 local vehicle dealers, most online. From A (Ackerman) to Z (Zeiser), from east (O’Fallon, IL) to west (Warrenton) to north (Florissant) to south (Festus), we have you covered when it comes to shopping for a new or used vehicle.

What vehicle suits you? A sports car? Sedan? Truck? SUV? You’ll even find dealers offering RVs. Are you leaning toward domestic? Import? How about a hybrid, or a car that makes a real statement, like a Nissan Cube? And don’t forget color and options! With nearly 250 dealers and thousands of vehicles at your fingertips, coming to a decision could be a challenge that’s fun to undertake.

So go ahead, take a look. Light up your online browser, check out all the automotive dealers in our Direct Dealer network and start shopping.

Once you find a vehicle, visit the dealer to kick those tires and get behind the wheel for a test drive. Oh, and congratulations, you just eliminated quite a few trips around town looking for the right car.

And don’t forget, for even more convenience, you can finance your vehicle through Vantage at any of our Direct Dealer locations! Check our competitive rates, or even apply online today!

And don’t forget, NO PAYMENT FOR 90 DAYS!

That’s right, now qualified Vantage members in the market for a new auto, boat or RV can have no payment for 90 days when they finance at Vantage. Hurry, offer ends July 31, 2010!

Good luck with your search!