Permanent Vacation

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The calendar points to vacation time. Kids are on summer break. Many of us will be heading to our favorite vacation destinations. But the reality of the situation is, most of us will have to return. We’ll go back to work. We’ll go back to school. But there are those of us who will not return to the tedious day-to-day schedule of real life—retirees. They’ve set their alarm clocks for the last time. Their vacations are permanent.

Retirement. It’s a time we all dream about and take the necessary steps to help provide for. But is retirement everything we think it will be? Truth is, much of who we are is related to our jobs. We make many of our friends through work. Our jobs give us a sense of purpose and pride. Once that big part of our life is gone, how do we fill the important void it leaves? We concern ourselves with retirement planning, but how about retirement living?

Every sunrise simply means another day of freedom, what do we do with our time? It now belongs to us 24/7. Those are a lot of hours to fill. What will you do? When will you do it?

Here are a few things to think about as you approach retirement. Yes, approach retirement. It’s good to have a plan going into your Golden Years.

  • Start planning your retired life about five years before it actually happens. Here’s a nice retirement planning checklist.
  • What will make you happy? Think of things you can do that will bring you happiness and add some structure to your life. Travel? Hobbies?
  • Work offers a lot of intellectual stimulation. Be sure to keep your brain sharp when you decide to quit working. How about learning a musical instrument? Or a foreign language? Keep that brain active!
  • Volunteering is a rich experience with many benefits. Meet new friends. Engage in satisfying activities. Help your local community.
  • Share your dreams with your partner. Now you have time to experience them together.
  • Working part-time can fill two voids by offering a steady activity and additional retirement funds.
  • To best enjoy retirement, give yourself the best chance at staying healthy. Eat well. Watch your weight. Stay active.

Vantage can help with the financial aspect of planning retirement, but the personal side is up to you. If the lifelong dream of retirement will soon come true for you, be sure you have a plan. It will pay off by providing you with the type of retirement you’ve always dreamed about!