Visa Platinum Has Arrived!

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You can live without a credit card (it’s been known to happen), but there are some things that just make life easier if you have one hiding in your wallet. Here are a few:

  • Building credit—while you can build credit without a credit card, the use and timely repayment of credit card purchases keeps your credit score healthy and growing.

  • Reserving--Renting cars and reserving hotel accommodations can be much easier when using a credit card.

  • Rewarding--You can earn rewards for making purchases with certain credit cards. While cash may be king, the rewards for using it are often not as substantial.

  • Emergencies—While you should have an emergency fund for any financial pitfalls, having a credit card gives you immediate access to funds just about anywhere in the world, 24/7.

  • Disputes—You have a better chance of recovering your money when you have to dispute a charge on your account for a faulty item purchased or due to fraud.

So there you have it. And here we have the newest addition to our long list of financial services, our Vantage Visa Platinum and Platinum Rewards credit cards. When you talk about credit card convenience, how’s this?

  • No annual fees
  • Competitive rates
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Travel accident insurance
  • CURewards (with Platinum Rewards)
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • ATM access

PLUS, get 500 CURewards points automatically when you open your Visa Platinum Rewards card!

But wait, there’s more! Vantage made the Dean’s List of credit card programs that have earned 5 stars and the Credit Card Connection Seal of Approval for our fair and ethical practices!

And as always, when using credit cards, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Never provide your account number over the phone unless you’ve initiated the call.

  • Save receipts for later reference.

  • Do not write your account number or PIN on a piece of paper (envelope, postcard, etc.) that someone could find and use if your card is lost/stolen.

  • Create a list of card numbers, expiration dates and toll-free numbers for each account. Keep it in a safe place for reference in case of a lost or stolen card.

  • Carry only the cards you’ll need. Leave the others in a safe place at home.

You can also enroll for Verified by Visa and protect yourself when making online purchases with your Vantage Visa credit card.

Apply for your Visa Platinum or Platinum Rewards card today, online or at one of our branch locations.