Coming Soon: MyE-Rewards Cash Back Program

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Gas prices…up. Food prices…up. Utility prices…up. The only thing going down these days is our discretionary spending. Budgets are taking a real beating. Who isn’t looking for ways to earn and/or save money? Well, Vantage is here to help with our new MyE-Rewards program, where the saving is easy, automatic and FREE!

The program
MyE-Rewards is available to all Vantage members who use a Vantage check card and manage their Vantage checking account using MyVantage online banking. You’ll receive targeted offers for cash back or percentage discounts based on purchases you make at places you already shop. There’s NO LIMIT to the amount you can earn; simply, the more you use your Vantage check card, the more offers you’ll receive and more opportunities you’ll have to earn money. It’s Click, Shop, Earn!

How does it work?
Your offers will be located in your checking account’s transaction history, underneath any relevant transactions. They will also be listed on your Rewards Summary page. Some offers will even appear in your menu bars.

To begin the redemption process, simply click on the offer. Any unused offers will be labeled as a “New Offer.” Once clicked, the offer becomes an “Active Offer,” and it’s ready to be used. Just use your Vantage check card to make a purchase at the noted store before the expiration date of the offer. Your rewards will be deposited to your account the month after you redeem the offer!

For example…
Let’s say you make a purchase at your favorite clothing store using your Vantage check card. When you view that transaction in your Balance page, you may find an offer for $5 cash back on your next purchase of $50 or more at that retailer (or another similar retailer). The next time you’re there, simply use your Vantage check card to make a purchase of $50 or more. Bingo, the $5 reward will be ready to be deposited to your checking account!

It’s automatic!
MyE-Rewards is so easy to use, you simply swipe your Vantage check card. That’s it. Really! As long as you meet the requirements of your offer, your cash back or discount savings will be deposited to your checking account, which will happen the month after you redeem the offer.

Bottom line—you earn cash back when you make purchases with your Vantage check card at places you already shop. It’s just our way of saying “thanks” for being a loyal member at Vantage Credit Union!

Click here for MyE-Rewards Frequently Asked Questions.