Visa Gift Cards

Running out of gift ideas? Vantage has the answer—give the gift of choice with a prepaid Visa Gift Card!

Our Visa Gift Card is one size fits all. Merchant gift cards are nice, but they limit redemption options to one particular store. With our Visa Gift Card, the choices are unlimited! Give them for the holidays, birthdays, graduations … it’s a great gift idea for any special occasion!

How does it work?
Just like a traditional Visa credit or debit card; it can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted for purchases. Members can purchase a Gift Card in any $5 increment they’d like, starting at $20 up to $500! Each purchase made with the Gift Card is subtracted from the card balance until there’s a zero balance.

Important note for the gift card recipient
Upon purchase or receiving the Visa Gift Card, please register the card at or by calling 866.902.6082 to activate and obtain your PIN. Registering the card allows for free 24/7 web access to card transactional information and records owner information in the event the card is lost or stolen. Please be aware of your remaining balance on your Gift Card as merchants require the exact balance left on the card before they can complete the purchase. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

See a teller at any Vantage branch location to purchase your Vantage Visa Gift Cards today!