Wealth Management Planning

Vantage Investment Services Group offers financial guidance for members like you who want to protect and grow the wealth they’re creating. We know you can get financial advice from many different sources, but we really do things differently here to add value for our high net-worth clients. Vantage Investment Services Group helps you develop detailed planning goals to ensure you’re on the right path to meet your goals. We also develop investment strategies to ensure that the proper legacies are in place and your family’s money stays in the right hands when you’re ready to retire.

Our goal at Vantage Investment Services Group is to simplify our clients' financial life and help build financial confidence so they can live life as they choose.

Pursuing Your Goals
When we begin working with you, we engage in a precise 5-step process. Our LPL Financial Advisor begins with:

  1. An interview to learn all about your needs and desires.
  2. Once we’ve garnered your ideas and goals, we develop a risk-based asset allocation strategy to try to maximize your returns while minimizing volatility.
  3. After this, we establish an investment proposal and select the appropriate investments to implement, again, always attempting to minimize risk while trying to maximize returns.
  4. We then construct your portfolio once you approve the proposed investment strategy.
  5. Finally, we monitor the investments and provide ongoing reporting back to you in the form of monthly statements and quarterly reports, which provide additional detail many members have found quite helpful.

Beyond investment planning, Vantage Investment Services Group performs comprehensive wealth management as part of our desire to provide “Superior Service.” The wealth management services include cash flow analysis, retirement and goal-based planning, tax planning, life insurance planning, and estate planning, among other things. At Vantage Investment Services Group, we believe managing finances is more complicated than merely selecting investments. Indeed, we believe that pursuing your goals, whether it’s a comfortable retirement, or creating a lasting legacy, is a most critical desire in a person’s life. During this process, your LPL Financial Advisor typically focuses on the following goals:

  1. Planning for a long and comfortable retirement;
  2. Assisting you in intervening meaningfully in the financial lives of your children and/or the creation of family legacies;
  3. Funding grandchildren’s education;
  4. Providing care for parents; and
  5. Providing a meaningful legacy to charities.

Many clients will share most, if not all, of these goals. However, regardless of what goals you have, it’s our mission to assist you in pursuing and attaining those goals.

We’re Dedicated To You
During our relationship together, you won’t be alone. The relationship will be ongoing, personal and confidential with the Vantage Investment Services team. Our team will consult with you periodically, scheduling meetings to implement specific solutions and to ensure you stay on track to pursue your goals. We’ll be there to guide and track your progress along the way, providing the support and services you want and expect. To put it simply, here’s what you can expect as a client:

  1. Objective and unbiased advice, based on the information and objectives you provide.
  2. Strict confidentiality. Since our business is based on referrals, it’s imperative that we maintain the strictest confidentiality in all instances. While you may know of several clients with whom we work, we won’t discuss the specifics of any situation under any circumstances.
  3. Courteous service from every member of our team, including respectful attentiveness to your needs.
  4. Prompt return of phone calls, most on the same day, or under unforeseen circumstances, within 24 hours by at least one member of our team.
  5. Periodic reviews as agreed upon.

At Vantage Investment Services Group, we believe that the right partner can make all the difference. We’re committed to helping all our clients take charge of their futures and pursue their goals. Call 314.264.5350 or 800.522.6009 to schedule an appointment with one of our LPL Financial Advisors today.

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