5 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Infographic


Being a blogger and social media specialist requires me to be on my phone and electronic devices a lot.

And you never know when inspiration may hit. An idea could pop in my head while standing in line at a local coffeeshop while window shopping in the mall or while running errands on the weekend.

Since I’m glued to my phone most of the day, I try to make sure that my personal information including passwords, PINs, and other important data are safely tucked away so no one can access them. I thought I was doing a pretty decent job of staying on top of things, but this month’s focus on identity theft confirmed that there are a few areas that I needed to revisit.

This month’s It’s a Money Thing Infographic shows 5 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft.

Check it out below:


What are some other key ways to prevent identity theft?