Good vs. Bad Spending

Distinguishing between wants and needs can be challenging.

We’re constantly being bombarded with images of the latest and greatest gadgets, toys, and experiences, that can make one feel “left out” if he or she dosen’t have them.

But you don’t have to keep up with The Joneses’ to maintain a quality way of life. Learning how to make wise spending choices and adhering to a healthy budget can help you get there.

Watch Jen learn the difference between good and bad spending in this video.

Initially, one of the not-so-fun things about becoming an adult was learning how to prioritize what’s important and what’s not. I often wanted new clothes, but I didn’t need them. Those shopping cravings were (and sometimes still have to be) redirected towards more long-term goals such as emergency savings or retirement planning savings.

Learning the difference between good and bad spending is a game changer. Feel free to browse our website for more resources and tools that will empower you to reach your financial goals.

Silly question but does it ever feel like you have an angel and devil whispering in each ear when you have to make a purchase? Which “voice” do you listen to?