Hey Educators, Looking for a Partner? Vantage Has You Covered!

With the near-constant, fast-paced, and high-demand workload, the challenge of facing parents and administrators, and of course the constraints of budgeting… It can feel like educators are constantly in search of partners and support.

Our roots are in education, and we want to reconnect and recommit ourselves to our partnerships with educators. Recently, Vantage launched services supporting educators in their personal financial goals— Legacy Checking and our 0% down mortgage available exclusively to educators.

But Vantage doesn’t want to only help our members with our services, we are seeking partnerships that will have a positive impact upon students and school communities.

Our partnerships are making a difference!

One example of a current partnership that’s having a positive impact is our outreach in conjunction with Arch Mortgage Insurance. For every Vantage mortgage that closes with an Arch Mortgage Insurance policy, we’ll be donating $100 to education.

We sought out requests from teachers on that articulated a need which has a direct impact upon the students and the learning environment. Then, we made those requests happen… Since June of this year, we’ve already given over $1,100 in small project gifts to local St. Louis metro-area schools.

What did that look like?

We believe that education should open a wide world of understanding and experience, so Vantage helped Crestview Middle School by purchasing multicultural novels to provide students a way to encounter new worlds. We also purchased Spanish language dictionaries for Sumner High School in order to expand students’ access to new cultures and ideas.

Literacy holds such a potential to empower students to take on the world that Vantage funded the purchase of e-readers for kindergarteners at Kratz Elementary School. But we didn’t just reach out to those beginning to read, we wanted to make sure that all the world of literature would be a stage for student success. So, we purchased graphic novelizations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for students at Fort Zumwalt South High School who were struggling to access the complicated texts.

We recognize that school can be stressful and high pressure for students, so we funded specialized lighting and stress-reduction resources for Rogers Elementary. Similarly, at Bridgeway Elementary, Rogers Elementary, and Early Childhood Education Center, we funded flexible seating such as standing desks and balance-ball seats in order to increase student focus. We know how much work goes into the classroom and how much time and energy educators invest into their students, which is why Vantage wants to help.

Fundamentally, we know that when educators are given the resources they need to serve their students, they not only aspire to do great things but they inspire their students as well. With this in mind, we funded several “project-based learning experiences” at Crestwood Elementary which utilize cutting-edge pedagogy, and we helped McKinley Classical Leadership Academy with its need for a classroom technology update.

Our legacy is also our future!

Educators are part of our legacy, and we seek to support schools and school communities as part of our continued dedication to something greater than ourselves. We know educators dream big and work hard, so we want to make those dreams come true by partnering with you to impact our communities.

One way we do this is with our Impact Education contest that annually offers educational employees up to $2,000 to positively impact their students and school communities.

We’re seeking other ways to partner with educators and schools.

If you have an idea for us to partner with your school community, let us know. Whether that might mean helping school staff with their personal finances and financial planning, or sponsoring a DECA/FBLA program or other business/entrepreneurial clubs at your school, Vantage is here for you.

How can we partner with your school community? Let us know!

Contact our Vantage Community Education Specialist at or 314.264.5153.