Quick Tips to Boost Your Credit Score Infographic

Is your credit score keeping you up at night?

Financial stress can affect us in many ways, including anxiety, sleepless nights, fatigue and other conditions. At Vantage Credit Union, we hope to eliminate stress by providing our members with the information, education, tools and resources needed to equip them with making sound financial decisions.

Much of what we learn about banking and finance comes either from our parents or watching others. If one isn’t taught how to balance a checkbook or open a savings account as a child, he or she may find it difficult as an adult to manage his or her funds appropriately. But there’s hope! You can not only learn how to manage your funds more efficiently, but you can also raise your credit score in the process.

Want to know how?

It’s a Money Thing created us with a quick guide that has some key tips that can give your credit score that extra boost it needs to take you to the next level.


What’s cool about infographics is that you can save them to your hard drive or print them to hang in your office or home.

What point stood out to you the most in the infographic?