Learning How to Live on Your Own

As children, we often don’t realize how fortunate we are to live under our parents’ roof. Paying bills, making major decisions, working a 9 to 5 are things we know we’ll eventually have to do but don’t necessarily want to do. I would dare say we even feel this way as adults! But there comes a point in everyone’s life where he or she must leave the nest and make a living on our own. Are you ready to take that next step?

Watch this video to learn what expenses you should prepare for when living on your own.

Maybe this is your first time creating a budget for your own expenses. If you have questions or concerns, one of our representatives can assist you with getting started. Feel free to stop by one of our 14 area branches or utilize a free program offered to our members called GreenPath Budget$mart Software that can help you establish a budget.

If this is your first time living on your own, what thoughts come to mind? Share them with us in our comments section.