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Whether your home is just a few years or a few decades old, there’s likely room for improvement. What’s the newest trend in home remodeling? Smart home technology!

So, what kinds of upgrades are considered smart home technology? Home owners are installing a variety of smart devices, including those for security/safety, entertainment, climate control and lighting.

Some new products combine motion-activated security cameras with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way talk. All with the ability to live stream video and audio so you can monitor your home from anywhere! Or, see who’s ringing your doorbell without having to walk to the door. With two-way talk, customizable motion zones and night vision, you can take your peephole up a notch!

Smart technology can help enhance your home entertainment experience. From improved sound and picture quality to the ability to wirelessly connect to different streaming services, smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular. Coupled with voice-activation technology from products like Amazon Echo or Google Home, controlling your home entertainment could simply be as easy as asking Alexa.

Climate control
Internet-enabled programmable thermostats are changing how homeowners control heating and cooling. Going on a trip and wish you would have turned your thermostat up (or down) while you’re away? With an internet-enabled thermostat you can simply open an app on your smartphone or tablet and control your home’s temperature from wherever you are. Plus, many models automatically lower heating and cooling when you’re away from your home, therefore reducing energy waste.

Another climate control option is automated blinds that you can easily and automatically adjust the amount of shade and heat entering your home. By controlling how much light enters your house, you can avoid heat loss on cold days and heat gain on hot days…and your utility bill may thank you.

Smart lighting may sound like more of an aesthetic preference, but actually, it’s designed for energy efficiency. With high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that adjust for conditions such as occupancy and daylight availability, you can save money on your utilities by upgrading your home with smart lighting. As an added bonus, with systems that can be controlled wirelessly, you can also integrate lighting features to enhance home security.

While spending on smart systems and devices differs by technology type, consumers can expect to spend from hundreds to thousands of dollars on smart technology upgrades. What can you expect in return? Depending on your upgrades, not only could you save some peace of mind, but you could save money too.

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