Vantage Point

Reflections on 2018 from the President & CEO

For over six decades, your credit union has worked tirelessly to earn your trust and deliver value, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and financial management. Our commitment and focus on helping you succeed financially, has also helped the credit union grow and prosper. During 2018, I’m happy to report we achieved the best year of financial performance in Vantage Credit Union’s 61-year history! This achievement was made possible by the active participation of our loyal member-owners—the heart of our legacy—and the dedicated support of our passionate staff and volunteers.

During 2018, your credit union’s strong financial performance allowed us to return more value back to our members in the form of competitive pricing, fewer fees and new services. Members received nearly $4.1 million in dividends, up 45% from the previous year, while we charged 10% less in fees. In addition, we took our first steps toward enhancing the overall branch experience with the installation of personal teller machines (PTMs) and a refreshed lobby design at our Bridgeton branch. We also broke ground at a new branch location in St. Peters which will open this summer. In addition, we introduced a unique 0% down mortgage product for educators along with access to some specialized insurance products that aren’t currently available through other local providers. We also continued our passion of giving back and weaving “good” into everything we do by giving tens of thousands of dollars to local charities and in college scholarships.

Our commitment to exceed expectations of our members and the community has positioned us for success and longevity. Following in the footsteps of our founding leaders, we’ve continued building upon our legacy, evolving and embracing new technologies to meet the growing needs of our membership. We’ve reinforced our desire to ensure members receive the maximum benefit from their relationship with Vantage and continue to experience convenience and value.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of excellence and ingenuity by listening and responding to member needs, exploring innovative product and service solutions to keep us on the forefront of current trends, and focus on what it takes to create more exceptional experiences. As caretakers of a great credit union history and shepherds of a promising future, we’re ensuring that Vantage Credit Union is here for you and your family for years to come. We’re building a legacy. One experience at a time.

Thank you for your membership and continued support of our credit union.

Eric Acree
President & Chief Executive Officer