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Save Time by Saving the Card on File

The holidays can be hectic between hosting, shopping, travel, and parties.
Why not take a moment before the frenzy to do yourself a favor and save a little extra time?

Setting up your Vantage Mastercard ® credit or debit card as the “card on file” could save you time which might make the season a little less stressful. Whether that means adding one as your preferred payment card with your favorite online retailers, or whether you set one as the payment method for your streaming services—you’ll have less to worry about during the holidays.

Besides time, there could be incentives for saving your Vantage Mastercard as your payment on file. Check your local utilities and other monthly bills, as they sometimes offer incentives and rebates for setting up an autopay function. Also, using a single card for your monthly bills could allow easier tracking for your budget—and if you’re using a Vantage World or Platinum Rewards card, you’ll earn reward points with every payment. Why not let paying monthly bills mean rewards for later?

We can’t make the holidays less stressful or hectic, but using and adding a Vantage Mastercard credit or debit card as your card on file could be a way to take one less thing off your plate!

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