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Saving Is Easy With Swipe2Save!

When it comes to saving money, the average American could use some help. Our personal saving rate peaked at a very respectable 17% in 1975, but today it sits at less than 5%. Many experts recommend a rate closer to 10-15%. *

How’s your savings rate? Vantage offers an exceptional savings tool called Swipe2Save that makes saving easy and automatic.

How does Swipe2Save work?

It’s as easy as swipe, save and build, but first you need a Vantage checking account with a debit card. Already have an account? You can easily enable Swipe2Save through the eBranch.

Once enabled, simply specify the amount of money you’d like to save with each debit card transaction. That amount is automatically transferred to your Regular Savings from your checking account for every transaction that clears your account. What could be easier? The amount you choose could be as little as 25 cents for each transaction, and while that might not sound like much, just think of all the transactions you make every day, every week, every month. It’s easy to see your savings could add up very quickly!

Worried about overdrawing your account? Don’t be. When you enable Swipe2Save, you choose a low-balance threshold to avoid any chance of that. If your checking account ever reaches the low balance you specify, the transfer feature stops automatically until your balance is above that threshold once again. And you can change your threshold or savings amount at any time, or disable it.

Enable Swipe2Save today!

1. Log in to your account
2. Find Swipe2Save under Profile & Security on your account dashboard
3. Click to enable
4. Set your per-swipe savings and threshold amounts
5. Start saving!

Don’t have a Vantage checking account?

Open My Checking Account

Start saving the easy and automatic way today with Swipe2Save!

* Nerdwallet