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In the check out lane at the grocery store, I overheard a lady telling one of the cashiers about a grocery store on wheels that provides healthy produce to underserved communities. I was intrigued by the conversation and asked for more information. She told me that a medical student turned one of the St. Louis Metro buses into a grocery store and how she loved the fact that more people would have access to healthy foods.

St. Louis MetroMarket is a non-profit mobile farmers’ market that serves all St. Louis area food deserts by providing direct access to fresh and affordable produce, meat and staple goods and advocates on behalf of these communities for food justice, hunger and health.

Jeremy Doss, Chairman and Co-Founder of St. Louis MetroMart, mentioned the company has plans to add a new mobile farmers’ market each year, but hopes that with increased awareness there will be a decline in the need for more buses.

Jeremy doss stl metromarket

Stl metromarket bus

Healthier eating choices often lead to longer, more fulfilling lives. With healthier options becoming more readily available, this could lead to fewer doctor’s visits or trips to the ER, more energy and, overall, more productive days. We’re grateful to have St. Louis MetroMart in our city and look forward to seeing their positive influence in our community.

What are some of your favorite local farmers’ markets?