Understanding Inflation Infographic

If you could live in any period in U.S. history within the past 150 years, what era would that be and why?

I am a big fan of the Roaring Twenties thanks to books and movies such as The Great Gatsby. I remember reading the book in junior high school and imagining what it would be like to experience the music, art and culture of that era. When the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio reached the box office a few years ago, I was in awe all over again and wished I could have witnessed everything first-hand.

As time has progressed, a lot of things have changed. We still have plenty of music and art, albeit many different styles, but the impact inflation has had on the cost of living is something to take note of.

To get a better understanding of this concept, compare prices from the 1950’s to today.


At first glance, the historical cost of gas has increased dramatically. But after reviewing the inflation-adjusted cost, it’s not as broad as I thought.

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