Understanding Overdraft Infographic

Have you ever written a large check for end of the year taxes or maybe a down payment and anxiously waited for it to clear your account? Maybe you’ve forgotten about a check that hasn’t cleared your account and spent the funds on something else. You’re not alone.

Vantage offers services that can help you remember outstanding items and provide peace of mind in the unfortunate event that there aren’t enough funds in your checking account to cover it. Within our online banking you can enter items you know you have coming up into the “Manual Upcoming Transactions”:/banking/ebranch/widgets widget to get a better idea of what your balance will be when those items clear and then delete them from the widget when they do. This can save you from forgetting about those larger checks you write on occasion. We also offer “overdraft protection”:/banking/checking/overdraft-protection in the form of courtesy payment and overdraft from a loan or your savings.

To better understand overdraft protection, check out the infographic below and learn some key points that are definitely worth becoming more familiar with.


Consider saving this infographic and using it as a reference.

One main point that stood out to me was balancing your checkbook. With modern technology easily accessible, I’ll admit that I haven’t been doing this regularly. Knowing where your money is coming and going is important. Some food for thought.

Do you have a better understanding of overdraft protection?

Answer more of your questions with our “Overdraft Protection FAQs":/faqs/checking/overdraft-protection-faqs