We’re Proud of (and Rewarding!) Our Youngest Savers

Ask any parent and they’ll agree, teaching children how to handle money is definitely hard! And while Vantage can’t make teaching them easier, we can encourage and reward our youngest members for their good savings habits.

This was especially true during the month of November when we ran a “Savings Challenge” contest to reward our young members for saving. Members age 10 and under were entered into drawings for a chance to win $25 and a Squishmallow when they deposited $5 or more into their savings account during the month of November. Members age 11 through 17 were entered into drawings for a chance to win $50 when they deposited $10 or more into their account during the month. We selected ten members at random from each age group.

Check out this list of contest winners to find some young members well on their way to smart saving habits!

0 – 10 Winners: Cooper J., Liam G., Conner S., Anson H., Olando O., Charliese I., Josias H., DeShawn L., Marc H., and Jeremy A.

11 – 17 Winners: Cheyenne M., Tameya P., Isabella J., Madeline B., Madelyn R., Sabrina F., Gunnar W., Keirra J., Jonathan H., and Christian H.

Congratulations to all our young members who saved during our Savings Challenge!

It’s difficult to teach children about finances, so here are a few resources and articles from Vantage designed to help: