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What Could You Do With a Vantage Loan?

Everyone has goals for what they want to accomplish in their lives. As you look at the year ahead, what goals do you have? Some are small and require nothing more than determination. However, some goals are a little bigger and require assistance. Don’t let financing become an obstacle in achieving your goals. Borrow smartly with a loan from Vantage Credit Union.

Are you wondering what types of loans are available through Vantage Credit Union? Maybe the better question is, what don’t we offer? Get the loan you need with Vantage!

Dreaming of that luxury convertible? Simply need a reliable car to get you to and from? Whatever the reason, we can help with every aspect of the car-buying experience.

If you’re ready to car shop, take a look at our Indirect Dealer Network, where you can shop online and then finance your vehicle with Vantage Credit Union right at the dealership for optimal convenience.

Boat, RV & Motorcycle
Dreaming of cruising the lake on your own boat? Or exploring the country behind the wheel of your own recreational vehicle? Vantage can help you finance it!

Dealers in our Indirect Dealer Network allow you to shop online and finance your boat, personal watercraft, RV and motorcycle with Vantage right at the dealership for optimal convenience.

Home Equity
Home values are on the rise. Consider what can you do with the equity you have in yours. A home equity line-of-credit (HELOC) can be used to improve your home and add to its value, but you could also use a HELOC to consolidate debt, pay for tuition, buy a new vehicle or create a safety-net for unexpected expenses. Borrow a portion your home’s value, and as long as you continue making your regular payments, you can draw on it any time you need during your draw period.

Another lending option utilizing the equity you’ve built in your home is a home equity loan. What’s the difference between a HELOC and a home equity loan? A home equity loan provides a one-time lump sum at a fixed rate for a fixed term and a specific purpose rather than allowing you access to your funds repeatedly. Consider the features of each home equity option to determine which one may be right for you.

Credit Card
What are the benefits of making a purchase with a Vantage Mastercard credit card over using cash? When you make purchases with a credit card, you’re building your credit history when used responsibly, enjoying consumer protection on purchases, tracking expenses and, for certain cards, enjoying cash back rewards. At Vantage, we offer a credit card for every need.

Does your goal not fit into one of the categories above? There are still financing options available to you. Put the power of your credit score to work. A signature loan may be the right option for you.

Achieve your goals with a Vantage loan. Apply today!

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