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What Could Your Home Equity Do for You?

QUESTION: What do the following things have in common?

  • Paying for school or a wedding
  • Consolidating and repaying debt
  • Financing a major home improvement project such as an addition on the house, putting in a pool, or updating kitchens and bathrooms
  • Funding an unexpected home repair like replacing the roof, repaving the driveway, or fixing plumbing or electrical issues

ANSWER: All of these could place a major strain upon your household finances, and all of these are opportunities in which your home’s equity could help you.

As you pay your mortgage, you’re slowly building more and more equity and ownership in your home. That means greater stability, but it also could mean greater opportunity. The equity of your home is likely the most valuable thing that you own, and it’s also one of the best resources you have available to you in terms of collateral for financing.

That equity could be used to fund major expenses such as paying for school or paying for a wedding. It could be used to restructure and pay your debt with a lower interest rate. And, perhaps one of the best uses depending upon your situation is to build more equity by investing in your home with repairs and improvements.

Vantage offers both Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines-of-Credit, which allow you to access the equity of your home and to put that equity to work for you. Our financial coaches are available to discuss the options available to you based on your financial situation.

In addition to our personalized financial guidance, our members receive exclusive benefits from Vantage: we offer our members the opportunity to borrow up to 100% of their home’s equity, and we will cover the cost of any appraisal fee. With these benefits in addition to our competitive rates, there is no better time to use your home’s equity to help you with your financial needs and goals.

Put the equity you have in your home to work for you!

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Vantage Credit Union Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines-of-Credit are valid on Missouri and Illinois property only.