Why Bill Pay Rocks

As a busy 20-something with a family and a full-time job, I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have it under control. This can be especially true when keeping up with paying bills. We’re taught from a young age to write checks and mail them in, but as life gets more complicated and other things occupy our time, sitting down to pay the bills with a stack of envelopes and a book of stamps is no longer feasible.

This is why I rely so much on automation tools like Bill Pay. When I discovered Vantage offered an easy way for me to schedule payments out to virtually anyone, I saved so much time and money. Gone are the days of struggling to find the check book or realizing your stamps aren’t Forever stamps, leading you to either run to the store for stamps or risk sending your payment late.

What I love the most about Bill Pay is being able to easily add payees. Using just the information on any statement you have, you can easily add the name, address, and account number to your list of payees and then schedule payments either in Bill Pay or from the member login dashboard. Bill Pay is even available from the MyMobile App.

If you’re sick of struggling to make payments, cut out the endless cycle of using checks, envelopes, and stamps and just use Bill Pay. It saves me a ton of stress and can work for you, too!
Vantage works to provide conveniences for members day in and day out. We love to hear when members fully embrace them and see the difference they make in keeping up with their finances.

What feature or benefit of membership has made a difference for you?