Young Members Rewarded for Saving!

While the end of this school year looked quite a bit different for most children, one thing remained constant: it’s still essential to teach children the importance of saving.

As part of National Credit Union Youth Month (NCUYM), Vantage hosted a savings challenge in April for our young members. Secret Savers Club members (ages 0-10) who deposited $5 or more during the month were entered into a drawing for a chance to win $25, and members ages 11-17 who deposited $10 or more were entered into a drawing for a chance to win $50. It was our little incentive to reward young members for their good financial habits.

Despite stay-at-home orders and adapting to remote learning, we had 415 members between the ages of 0-10 practice their saving habits, collectively saving over $104,644. And, we had over 1,000 members ages 11-17 save an impressive $519,161—over half a million dollars of smart saving!

We’re proud of all of our young members for making good decisions for their future by saving extra this past April. Here are the twenty young members chosen to receive an extra cash reward from us:

Secret Saver Club Winners Youth Winners Ages 11-17
Victor Y.
Jonah M.
Danielle G.
Thomas S.
Nolan A.
Cyrus W.
Aleksandr D.
Micah H.
Arrow W.
Victoria V.
Danielle B.
Emma T.
Michael J.
Faith C.
Alysa S.
Nicholas S.
Sydney W.
Kyra S.
Mary D.
Sean H.

Congratulations to all our young savers! Keep up the great work of saving for your future!