What is an EMV chip?

A microprocessor chip embedded in your card that securely stores and transfers data. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard ® and Visa ® after a joint effort between the three to ensure a secure and global way for Mastercard and Visa to be accepted worldwide. All Vantage Mastercard credit cards have EMV chips embedded in them. When used to pay at merchants with chip–enabled terminals, the system validates the chip helping to ensure a more secure transaction.

How can I get a credit card with an EMV chip?

All Vantage Mastercard credit cards come with chip technology. Don’t have one?

Apply for My Vantage Mastercard

How can I get a debit card with an EMV chip?

All Vantage debit cards come with chip technology. Don’t have one?

Request a Debit Card

What information is contained in a chip–enabled card?

Information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions. This is the same type of information already stored in the magnetic stripes, but the chip uses a much more secure platform. No personal information about your account is stored on the chip.

What is the benefit of a chip–enabled card?

Security. It’s nearly impossible for thieves to create counterfeit EMV chip cards. That’s because these chips encrypt data differently for each transaction (dynamic authentication). Magnetic stripes provide the same data (static data) each and every time you conduct a transaction. Fraudsters have access to inexpensive means of making counterfeit versions of magnetic-stripe–only cards. In addition, chip–enabled credit cards are a standard transaction method around the world, so having this feature makes transacting abroad much easier.

Where can I use my chip–enabled card?

Your Vantage Mastercard credit card and Debit Mastercard will work anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Because some merchants will be slower to accept chip technology, your card still includes a magnetic stripe for use in traditional terminals.

With a chip–enabled card, do I still need to notify Vantage before I travel away from home?

Yes. To help ensure that legitimate purchases are quickly approved, please give us advance notification before you travel. You can conveniently submit a travel notification when logged into the eBranch.

Does a Vantage Mastercard credit or debit card with chip technology have additional fees?

No. There are no additional fees associated with your Vantage Mastercard credit card or Debit Mastercard with chip technology.

Why does my chip–enabled card still have a magnetic stripe?

Some merchants will be slower to accept chip technology, so cards with EMV chips will still include a magnetic stripe for use in traditional terminals.

How do I use my chip-enabled card at checkout?

Merchants who accept cards with chip technology provide terminals for chip–enabled cards. If you swipe your card at an active terminal with the magnetic stripe, it will prompt you to insert your card. To conduct a transaction, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Rather than swiping your card, insert it into the terminal, chip first, face up and leave the card in the terminal while your transaction is being processed.
  1. Follow the prompts on the screen and sign the receipt or enter a PIN.
  1. When the transaction is complete, the terminal screen will prompt you to remove your card. Remember to take your card with you.

Will I be required to use my PIN?

Your card will continue to work for both PIN and Signature transactions just as it has in the past. However, depending on the merchant, you may find you are prompted to use your PIN more often than in the past when purchasing with your card.

Why aren’t more merchants ready to process debit chip transactions?

Debit cards are subject to additional regulations that impact how they’re processed. As a result, it’s taking time for merchants to introduce new chip-enabled terminals and software changes.

Why won’t one of my local merchants let me get cash back any more?

Your Vantage Debit Mastercard card supports cash back. However, some merchants are in the process of upgrading their systems to support EMV chip cards, and have only enabled support for “Signature” debit, but haven’t yet enabled cash-back support. We encourage you to ask any merchant what their cash-back policy is in regards to chip-enabled cards. In the interim, you can get cash back from any Vantage or CO-OP ATM, Vantage branch location, or many other merchants who have completed their chip-migration.