Google Wallet

Are you a Google user? Want to streamline your wallet and benefit from store discounts? Then Google Wallet may be just what you’re looking for. Google Wallet is a free digital wallet app available for Android and iPhone that lets you:

  • Fund a Google Wallet Card using your credit and/or debit account for in-store purchases, keeping your credit and/or debit account secure
  • Pay online quickly and securely wherever you see the Buy with Google button
  • Carry your store loyalty cards electronically rather than carrying a bundle of little cards
  • Send money securely to friends and family for free via the Wallet or Gmail
  • Tap to make contactless payments and receive a receipt on your NFC-enabled phone (certain Android phones only), with all sensitive account information encrypted and stored on a secure server
  • Get discounts and rewards at select merchants

Intrigued? Here’s how it works:

For starters, you’ll need a Google account (which you already have if you have an Android smartphone). Don’t have a Google account?

Create My Google Account

You can then log onto Google Wallet and add your Vantage Credit Union credit and/or debit cards, and store loyalty cards. These are securely stored and accessible at any time, making it easy to shop in stores, buy online, and send money.

For in-store purchases, you can use the Google Wallet Card if the merchant isn’t enabled for tap-to-pay, or if your phone isn’t one of the select Android phones. The Google Wallet Card is an actual MasterCard debit card you can request that pulls funds from your Wallet Balance, which you can fund from your credit and/or debit account, or from money friends and family send to you electronically via the Wallet or Gmail. By using the Google Wallet Card, your personal card numbers are never shared with the merchant. Unauthorized access is also blocked by a 4-digit PIN, and you’re also protected by Google Wallet’s fraud monitoring service. And, if you lose your smartphone, you can disable your Google Wallet app online at

Be sure to read the Google Wallet FAQs for further details.

Where can I use Google Wallet?

Look for these symbols anywhere Google Wallet is accepted. Or, download the PayPass Locator app from Google Play directly onto your Android. PayPass Locator uses your phone’s GPS to show you the closest locations that accept Google Wallet.

Download the PayPass Locator App

Online, look for this symbol at checkout:

For in-store purchases, look for these symbols to know where Google Wallet is accepted.

Enjoy the convenience and security of using your smartphone as your wallet!

Download Google Wallet to My Android

You can also download Google Wallet directly to your Android or iPhone by accessing Google Play or the iTunes store there. Remember, to sign up, you have to have a Google account and an Android Gingerbread v2.3+ or iPhone iOS v6.0+. And, tap-to-pay is functional on these select Android devices.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed information.