Official Rules

Share Vantage Referral Program Rules

Program Overview
The Share Vantage Referral Program (“Referral Program”) is offered by Vantage Credit Union (“VCU”) and provides members who are interested in referring their family and friends (“Referrers”) the opportunity to refer eligible individuals to join Vantage Credit Union and open a checking account. Program Rules apply to both referrers and referred members, so please read carefully to understand your respective rights and obligations.

Referrer Eligibility
To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program as a Referrer, you must be a VCU member in good standing with an active checking account. Vantage Staff are not eligible.

How to Refer New Members
You may refer eligible individuals to open a checking account at VCU by completing the referral form on our website at Referrer must provide their contact information and the name and valid email address for the person they are referring. The referred person must (i) not be named on an existing account or loan with VCU, (ii) never have caused a loss to VCU, (iii) be eligible for VCU membership and a checking account. See if someone you know is eligible for VCU membership.

By submitting the referral form, an automated email invitation will be generated to the referred person. You represent that you have the necessary consent from your invitee to send them the invitation. If your invitee follows the link in your invitation after opening a checking account at VCU and completes the form as instructed, VCU will be notified of the completed referral and review for eligibility.

Referral Rewards

a. General
You are eligible to earn a $25 referral incentive (“Referral Reward”) for up to 4 referred members per calendar year through our online referral form (maximum $100 in Referral Rewards per calendar year). Eligibility and reward criteria are set by VCU in its sole discretion and are subject to change at any time. If both the Referrer and referred member satisfy the eligibility criteria and the maximum Referral Reward for the calendar year has not been reached, the Referrer’s checking account will be credited within thirty (30) days of the completed referral.

b. Resolving Disputes over Referrals
Only one person can earn a Referral Reward for a single referred member. In the event that multiple persons claim credit for a particular referral, VCU has full discretion to determine which person earned such referral according to VCU’s data systems.

c. Reservation of Rights
VCU reserves the right to withhold or deduct Referral Rewards obtained through the Referral Program in the event that VCU determines or believes that the receipt of the Referral Reward was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these Referral Program Rules. VCU is not responsible for consequential fees, negative balances, returned items, etc. in the event that a Referral Reward is deducted from an account. The Referral Program is subject to change, including cancelation, at VCU’s sole discretion without advance notice.

Last updated 8/1/2019