The Secret History of the Wall Street Bull

Bulls and bears can be considered the unofficial mascots of the stock market. They represent the upward and downward movements of the stock market over a period of time and have even come to describe investor behavior (optimistic investors are said to be bullish, while investors with a pessimistic outlook are said to be bearish). In a field typically known for its confusing financial terminology and often-uninspired language, the bull and bear symbols really stand out—and this is especially true in Lower Manhattan.

5 Ways to Lower the Cost of Tuition Before Considering a Student Loan

For many young adults, student loans serve as the first real experience with borrowing a large amount of money. It’s a steep learning curve for someone just starting out, and not understanding financial concepts like interest rates, loan terms and repayment schedules can quickly snowball into a very stressful and costly post-graduation experience.

Income Essentials

With so many career paths available, how do you narrow down your options? And, what kind of income can you expect? Consider these major factors that will play a role in the potential income you can expect.