Why We Get Scammed

If you use a mobile phone or have an email account, you’ve almost certainly been exposed to an attempt at mass marketing fraud. Common examples include being interrupted by an annoying robocall just as you start eating lunch or waking up to a suspicious email that somehow slipped through the spam filter. Sometimes, the attempted fraud is kind of funny—the wording is so strange or the premise is so ridiculous (“An exiled prince needs my help transferring a million dollars? Really?”) that we’re left wondering how anyone could possibly fall for such an obvious money grab.

How to Spot Scams

There are all types of scams out there. Taking the time to think before acting could be the key to avoid becoming a victim.

Three Job Interview Mindsets

It’s the night before the interview. Your outfit is all laid out, your resume is hot off the press and you’ve Google-Mapped your route. You’ve done your company research and you’ve practiced answering the tough questions. You’re perfectly prepared—and you still feel like a nervous wreck.

Infographic: Acing the Job Interview

Upcoming interview have your stomach in knots? Check out this helpful infographic to learn more about how to ace your next interview.

Saving for Retirement

It’s hard to imagine retirement, especially if it’s decades away, but designing the life you want can be motivating.

5 Good Money Habits to Boost Your Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement poses some unique challenges: How are you supposed to prioritize retirement savings against the long list of more immediate goals? How are you supposed to find the motivation to prepare for something that’s decades away? How can you quantify the amount you will need to save when you have no idea what your future will look like?