Vantage Point

Message From the President & CEO

Vantage Credit Union is a unique financial institution. We’re a not-for-profit financial cooperative where each member is a part owner. This is your credit union.

Make Your Dream of Country Living a Reality

For low and moderate income families, securing financing for a home in a rural community may be challenging. With assistance from the USDA, you could join the nearly 60 million Americans living in thriving rural communities across the country.

The Challenges of Choosing a Career

Choosing a career path is a big deal even if you don’t consider yourself career-driven; your choice of career will inevitably influence your lifestyle. Income is only part of the equation—your career also has the ability to determine where you end up living, who you end up meeting, and the activites you end up having time for. So why is it so challenging to choose the right career? Read on.

Credit Card Convenience

When you open up your wallet and look inside, what do you see? For many, one thing you won’t find is cash. The benefits of making your purchases with a credit card go beyond a lighter wallet.