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Attention Class of 2017: Apply for a Quest For Education Scholarship!

The cost of college can often leave you reeling, wondering how you’ll be able to foot the bill for such a large expense; that’s why it’s important to look into every opportunity to get financial aid through such free opportunities as grants and scholarships. That’s where our Quest For Education scholarship can help.

Beware of Fast Cash

Before jumping at any fast-cash offer, take a moment to educate yourself about predatory lending. Then breathe, understand that you have alternatives, and make an action plan.

Are Checks Obsolete?

Checks hold an odd place in our personal finances. In many ways, they seem like relics from a previous era; we might write only one or two checks a month. This is vastly different from only a few decades ago, when checks represented more than 85% of all non-cash retail payments. * Can you imagine whipping out a checkbook in line at the grocery store now? Times have certainly changed!

Saving Is Easy With Swipe2Save!

How’s your savings rate? Vantage offers an exceptional savings tool called Swipe2Save that makes saving easy and automatic.