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What's New in the Vantage Mobile App?

Technology—it’s all about making life more convenient isn’t it? At Vantage, we offer our members a variety of options when it comes to accessing account information that don’t involve visiting a branch. Our eBranch and mobile app make it possible for members to take care of their financial needs when and where it’s convenient.

Technology is also constantly evolving, and Vantage is committed to staying on the leading edge. So, what’s new with our mobile app?

Take Advantage of TurboTax and Sprint Benefits!

All Vantage Credit Union members can save up to $15 on TurboTax ® —the #1 best-selling tax software and earn $100 Cash Reward for every new line you activate with Sprint.

What's Your Retirement Plan?

Do you have a vision for your retirement? Traveling? Enjoying more time for hobbies like golf? Spending quality time with your friends and loved ones? Everyone’s vision may be different, but one thing that holds true is that planning is essential to helping you pursue your retirement goals. Did you start saving early enough? Are you saving enough? What are the options available to you?

It’s Time to File Your Taxes…and Possibly Get a Refund!

For some, thoughts of flipping the calendar to a new year also brings the anticipation (or dread) of filing your taxes. Soon the W-2s will appear in the mail. You’ll compile all the necessary paperwork. Once everything is together, you wait for the news. Do I owe? Or, am I getting a refund?

Is a Home Remodel on Your Horizon?

  • Categories: Loans

Inspiration is everywhere! With a flip of the television channel, you can catch a myriad of home remodeling shows. As you look around your own home, are there areas you want to tackle?

Give Your Budget a Boost This Holiday!

The holiday season evokes thoughts of joy and celebration. The added financial impact of paying for the gifts and additional activities of the holiday season can take a toll on you…and your budget! What can you do?

A Lesson in Virtual Money for Kids

Has your relationship with money changed? In today’s paperless world, virtual currency is becoming more convenient (and secure) than paper. This shift also affects the way we teach our youth about managing money.