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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it’s hard for kids to understand where it comes from—and harder still to understand how to manage it. Parents can model making smart financial decisions, but kids don’t always pay attention. Even when they do, they may be apt to think money grows in ATMs!

Money Matters is a free program from Vantage Credit Union to help educate students of all ages about smart money management. We have a dedicated professional on-staff who provides presentations and support materials to any school, youth group or community group within our service communities. Topics and presentations can be modified to meet the needs of individual classes or groups. From kindergarten to college, saving to identity theft, we have a presentation that will help your students become more financially savvy.

Schools within the same zip code as our branches also qualify for free online curriculum through our partnership with Banzai!

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Vantage has impacted over 150,000 area students since 1996!

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Raising money smart kids

When should you start teaching your kids about money? Today. Whether it’s as simple as saving to buy a treat from the ice cream truck or as complex as helping your teen create a budget or learn to use a debit card, there’s a lot to learn. Your kids are watching how you manage money. Have conversations about how you earn income and use it for the family’s needs and wants. Teach them that managing money requires examining choices and being patient when saving for more expensive things.

Help your children open their own account to put aside money for future goals and learn how to make deposits and withdrawals. Our youth clubs offer ongoing activities and events to encourage positive financial habits and deepen understanding of how money works.

Expand on teachable moments with added resources from Vantage.

Banzai Junior: a self-guided course for students 8-12 years old

Banzai Junior provides real-life scenarios that show students how to make wise decisions when faced with financial dilemmas. With fun and goofy circumstances, real financial predicaments and just the right amount of humor, Banzai Junior engages users, captivating them while providing financial education in a totally unique way. 

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Banzai Teen: a self-guided course for students 13-18 years old

In Banzai Teen, the users goal is to save enough money for college registration while navigating daily decisions like getting a job, going out to eat and renting an apartment, but unforeseen challenges and quirky scenarios makes reaching that goal not-so-straightforward—just like real life! This course gives teens the opportunity to work through real-life financial problems in a safe environment.

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Banzai Plus: a more in-depth course for those 16 and older

With real-life dilemmas, exciting challenges and the goal of purchasing a home, Banzai Plus makes complicated financial concepts easy to understand. Users are called to embrace adult-sized obstacles and learn about concepts from paying off debt to credit scores. Like all Banzai courses, Plus shows users how to spend their money on what matters most and how decisions have far-reaching consequences.

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