It’s your big day, and a big investment

Whether you’re planning your wedding, a fundraiser or other gathering, special event insurance can help when the unexpected interrupts your plans. What if the venue goes out of business? Or a vendor doesn’t show up? What if severe weather or other act of nature forces you to postpone? Or someone gets injured during the festivities? For these reasons and more, it’s important to have coverage in place. 

Wedding insurance can even cover the rehearsal or post-wedding brunch if held within 48 hours of the event. You’ve always dreamed of the perfect wedding but no matter how carefully you plan, there are many things beyond your control. Let us help give you some peace of mind before, during and after your vows.

What does wedding insurance cover?

  • Cancellations and postponements
  • Special jewelry
  • Lost deposits
  • Lost gifts or money
  • Wedding video/photos
  • Liquor liability
  • Liability insurance

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Pet insurance for your furry friend

Pet insurance can help you cover needed veterinary care by reducing the financial burden of unexpected medical costs due to accidents or illness. Plus, preventive wellness coverage options could help you stay ahead of potential issues altogether. Get the best for your best friend!

Why pet insurance?
  • One in three pets needs unexpected veterinary care every year1
  • The cost of veterinary care has more than doubled in the past decade2
  • Veterinary medicine is advancing with more specialists and treatment options available
  • Every six seconds a pet parent is handed a bill for more than $3,0003


Coverage options to meet your needs and budget:

Reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%

Deductible: $250, $500, or $1,000

Annual maximum: $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000

1American Pet Products Association, 2018. 2American Veterinary Medical Association, 2019. 3PetPlan, 2017.

When your standard policy isn’t enough

If you own a home or a pet, have a vehicle or a pool, you could be held liable for someone else’s bodily injury or property damage. You may need coverage that goes above and beyond the maximum limits of your current policies to protect your assets.


Compared to the out-of-pocket costs you could face if your policy is exhausted, an umbrella policy provides additional coverage that can help protect you from financial disaster.

  • Premiums start at as little as $150 per year
  • Coverage can range from $1 – $10 million
  • Covers for claims like libel, slander, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy
  • Helps cover defense costs, attorney fees, and other charges associated with lawsuits
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Protect your treasures

While a basic homeowners insurance policy can offer some protection for your personal valuables, the coverage may be limited. That’s where an additional valuable items policy can help fill in the gap. Not sure if your current policy has you covered? Review your limits and then do a quick home inventory—consider what it would cost to replace your belongings and don’t forget that many items increase in value over time.

You may want to consider added coverage for items like:
  • Computers or cameras
  • Fine art, furs, or guns
  • Jewelry or coin collections
  • Musical instruments
  • Silverware, fine china, or crystal
  • Sports equipment or memorabilia

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Work with the best independent insurance agency in the Greater St. Louis area!

Unlike a captive or direct insurance company that only offers their own proprietary products, CUIA (Credit Union Insurance Agency) is 100% independent of any one company. Many insurance consumers don’t fully understand just how important that really is. 

Insurance is important, and it’s imperative to work with insurance professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of multiple insurance products, companies, and guidelines—not just one. At the end of the day, what separates one agent from another, is their ability to proactively service their policy holders, and their knowledge of the insurance industry, products, and different situations that may present themselves to their clients.

Serving members locally in St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding counties.

We offer a special program with discounted rates for credit union members!



We offer a one-stop shop for your insurance needs and the ease of doing all of your business with one financial institution.



We represent a number of highly-rated insurance companies to find the best combination of price, coverage and service.



We act as your trusted advisor to design personalized insurance plans that fit your individual needs and budget.

Membership has its perks!

Did you know that you can qualify for auto and home insurance discounts just for being a member of Vantage Credit Union? Don’t wait until your current policies are up for renewal to request a quote and switch!

Banks are for profit. Vantage Credit Union is for you.

Our focus is on helping you reach your financial goals.

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