Budget-Friendly Ways to Look Your Best feat. Economy of Style

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Dressing for success doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, Psyche Southwell, Creator & Editor of Economy of Style, shares personal styling advice, tips and budget-friendly ways to look your best for any occasion via her blog and on social media.

Read along as she shares what inspires her, her secret to success and more!

Vantage: Share with us your background and why you started blogging.
Psyche: I was working as a social science researcher when I noticed something missing from the fashion coverage online—a practical conversation about budget. I set out to help women achieve their wardrobe goals within their means, and prove that net worth has nothing to do with net style.

Vantage: You have a unique take on business. Will you explain it to us?
Psyche: I want to inspire my readers to build personal style that empowers them and to never feel limited by what they can afford. I believe that your flair for fashion isn’t based on the size of your paycheck.

Vantage: What are some personal styling tips that anyone could implement into their style budget?
1. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident.
2. Build a wardrobe with essentials that can be mixed or matched.
3. Pay attention to fabric. Some fabrics like cotton look expensive when they’re not.
4. Prioritize fit. Garments that fit impeccably look expensive even when they’re not.

Vantage: What’s the secret to your success?
Psyche: My secret to success is a 3-step process: (1) Set new goals, (2) Master those goals, and (3) Go back to step 1.

Vantage: How do you shatter expectations?
Psyche: Instead of avoiding difficult questions, I seek them out, and try to find creative answers. I tackle the idea of where desires intersect with finances from an intellectual standpoint, and then I find a way to make it all work in the lives of real women.

Vantage: How do you overcome challenges?
Psyche: I draw upon on my training as a researcher, which drives me to effectively pinpoint challenges so I can best address them. I always seek insight from multiple sources—great advice is always free—and I believe in myself and the possibility that my vision will materialize.

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Who are some of the fashion bloggers or stylists that you follow? What tidbits have you taken from them and incorporated in your style?