Comparing Cards: Debit, Credit or Prepaid Debit - IAMT Video

Here’s the scenario: You’re at the checkout counter at your favorite grocery store. It’s Friday evening. You’re hungry, and you have an hour to get home and get dinner prepared before your family gets home. As you pull out your wallet, you scan through the different cards and wonder which one is best to make this purchase – Debit, credit, or prepaid debit?

Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. Which card is best? Does it really matter?

It’s a Money Thing TM does an excellent job comparing cards and highlighting their pros and cons.

To learn more, watch the video below:

You have options when it comes to making purchases, whether online or in person. Having the knowledge to make an informed decision arms you with the confidence to choose which card is best for you.

Which card do you use the most and why?