Demystifying Mortgages Video

Making the decision to become a first-time homeowner was a big deal. We loved our cute apartment in the Delmar Loop, but noisy neighbors and a desire to have a yard for our kids to play in became major reasons to find our own place.

We knew very little about the home-buying process, but knew that we didn’t want us to spend a lot of money. Could we find something that would meet our needs and fit our budget? Our realtor was certain she could make that happen, and thankfully she did, but we did have to make some compromises.

We learned a lot during that time, like the fact that some things on our wish list were outside our price range. And when it was time to sign the documents at the loan closing, there was a host of other factors and terms that we hadn’t considered. I thought finding the lowest interest rate would make me happy, but I quickly realized there is more to a loan than the interest.

Think choosing the mortgage with the lowest interest rate is the best idea? Think again.

Take the mystery out of mortgages. Watch and learn along with Jen.

Getting a home mortgage is one of the biggest purchases of our lives. Scary, right? It doesn’t have to be. Asking a trusted advisor is a great way to get your questions answered, dispel myths and empower you to make an informed decision.

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