Grocery Shopping for Grown-ups

Imagine this: You pull into the parking lot of your favorite grocery store with your shopping list in hand for your weekly shopping trip. With so many cars lined up and carts racing up and down the aisles, it appears as if everyone has the same idea. It doesn’t faze you, though. You’re on a mission, and that mission is to make this week’s meals great. Plus, you made sure you wouldn’t be _hangry _ this time by having a quick bite to eat before leaving home. High five!

After spending countless hours on Pinterest and searching food blogs for the perfect meals to satisfy your family’s growing appetite, you’ve narrowed that list down to a few new meals and your favorite go-to’s (just in case things don’t work out as planned.) Gotta have a backup plan, right?

As you check off the items on your shopping list, you breathe a sigh of relief. Now, if you can just get in and out the store without being distracted by those unnecessary items at the check out counter. Who needs bacon flavored raisins? Not you, not today.

You’ve made a decision to eat healthy, and those sweets aren’t in your meal plan. Some would say it’s more expensive to eat healthy than to eat processed or fast food. Contrary to popular belief, not only do the benefits far out weigh the costs, you can often find local, fresh foods that cost the same or less. Most importantly, when it comes to your health, you either “pay now” or “pay later”. You’re choosing to pay now.

As you make the drive back home, you pat yourself on the back for not only making wise eating choices for your family but also for sticking to your budget. See, being a grown-up isn’t so bad after all.

What has been the hardest part about growing up for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.