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Would you consider yourself a risk-taker or one who plays it safe? When I graduated from college, I was definitely more of a risk-taker. I traveled often, spent way too much time in the mall and lived in the moment. But as I got a little older (wiser), married, and started a family, that fast-paced lifestyle was fun but short-lived.

Major life changes and responsibilities can affect our outlook on how and where we spend our money. My wife and I have dreams of one day owning our own business with multiple streams of income, but we needed someone who could provide us with a plan to get there.

Maybe you’ve come into a large sum of money or would like to have a fresh start financially. There are a variety of investment vehicles available. Schedule time to speak with a licensed representative at Vantage Credit Union. Watch this short, animated video from It’s a Money Thing to learn the basics that can get you going in the right direction.

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