Know Your Checking Account Video Blog

When was the last time you wrote a check? A few months ago I bought a car and dreaded the thought of how much my sales tax would be. After putting it off for weeks, I headed to the DMV to take care of business. As I filled out the check, it occurred to me that it had been several months since I wrote my last check. It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote checks regularly and had to order new ones more frequently. Now I might order one box every few years.

While many of us don’t write checks like we used to, they are still the preferred payment option in some situations such as insurance payments, rent, and some small businesses, according to a recent blog published by Money Crashers.

Watch this short, animated video from It’s a Money Thing to learn more about the different sections of your check.

I love the part where she tries to literally “bounce” her check. LOL!

It’s safe to say that we should keep at least one checkbook handy for those “special occasions.” And it would be a good idea to start saving now for personal property taxes due at the end of the year. Note to self.

What do you mostly write checks for?