Our Mortgages Meant Money for Local Students

Our roots are in education—and so is our outreach! This past year we partnered with Arch Mortgage Insurance Company (Arch MI) * to help empower local educators in our community. Our partnership donated $100 for every Vantage mortgage that closed with an Arch MI policy.

We sought requests on from teachers in our local communities, and we prioritized requests that had a direct impact on students and their learning environments. Then, we made those requests happen.

Our partnership with Arch MI enabled us to fund 35 small-project gifts for different classrooms in the local St. Louis Metro Area. Together, we donated over $4,184.22 to schools!

Those 35 different projects highlight the creativity and dedication of local educators to their students. While we’re proud of each and every project that our partnership funded, here are our top ten creative impacts that we empowered within the community:

  • A schoolwide reading program featuring Eva Acevedo’s With the Fire on High to highlight the intercultural experiences of students
  • A program to build fine motor skills in pre-K students by providing supplies for them to complete arts and crafts “homework” on their own
  • A replacement for many thoroughly loved—and thus thoroughly worn and ragged—Dr. Seuss books for kindergarteners to encourage reading
  • A healthy snacks initiative for the afterschool peer mentoring and tutoring program for high school students
  • A classroom set of light up “circuit blocks” to teach engineering and other creative STEM skills to kindergarteners
  • A program which provides special grips designed to develop fine motor skills in both writing and artwork for young students
  • A classroom set of headsets and computer mice enabling students to research and work simultaneously on complex projects
  • A drying rack for an underfunded art program for very talented elementary students
  • A classroom set of VersaTiles ® for a middle school which allows visual learners to better grasp complicated math concepts
  • Dynamic seating options that accommodate different learning preferences—and incorporate better posture—into the learning environment

These creative impacts upon education reveal something about the fundamental character of our credit union—we’re dedicated both to empowering educators and to having a positive impact upon our community.

For more information on how Vantage makes a difference, check out:

Thank you Arch MI for Partnering with Us to Empower Educators!