Plank Road Pizza - #LocalFlavorSTL Blog

Here’s some local flavor for all the pizza connoisseurs out there. Plank Road Pizza in Cottleville, MO has some tasty options that you should definitely try.

I love all kinds of pizza, but I prefer gourmet pizza. There’s just something about the attention to details that makes it that much better.

Remember when we featured VB Chocolate Bar in our blog? I remember driving out the parking lot and a few doors down there was the sign for Plank Road Pizza. It was in a cool, rustic style building, and I could tell there was something special about this place. I didn’t have time to stop in but made a mental note to come back and check them out.

According to their website, “the story of Plank Road Pizza began in 1851 when the Western Plank Road was built to connect St. Charles to points westward. The road was constructed of wood and started at Boones Lick Road and ended in Cottleville. It was a one-day journey by horse to travel the road from end to end, and the Plank Road helped to increase the population of Cottleville and bring more people to this great area. Like the road it is named after, we think that Plank Road Pizza brings people together too.”

When I realized their menu is made from recycled paper, I thought to myself, “Ok, this place is even cooler than I thought.” They have everything you could want in a pizzeria from delicious starters, three choices of salads and a great selection of pizzas to choose from. They also have a kids menu, dessert pizzas, soup and beverages.

I love pepperoni, so I was happy to see “The 4th Street” as a staple on the menu, and “The 5th Street” offers a lighter fare that will make your taste buds do the jig. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be “The Spring Street”. It’s like having a salad with your pizza, except you eat them at the same time. You have to try it!


I’d love to hear your thoughts about Plank Road Pizza.

Tell us your favorite pizza toppings for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Plank Road Pizza. We will randomly select a winner on May 4, 2016.